Silverline Startup Kitchen, adopting an entrepreneurial customer approach, is built on a structure aimed at establishing long-term partnership with startups and basing its growth strategy on collaboration.

Advancing your business

We invite you to join us in entering, expanding, and advancing your business.

Strategic Bussiness Effect

Silverline Startup Kitchen operates with an allocated budget and long-term adoption plan, focusing on high priority issues.

Rapid Confirmation

Silverline Startup Kitchen operates through paid proof of concept projects to ensure rapid confirmation of solutions.

Systematic Approach

Move forward with the right goals. We advance the process quickly from the first step to the last step with a systematic approach.

Integration and Expansion

We actively promote the integration and expansion of successful solutions.

Partnership Model

We elaborate on our partnership model starting from a paid pilot project, offering a seamless path for startups to integrate their products, services, and processes with Silverline. Throughout the process, we provide support to ensure that startups benefit from the existing capabilities of Silverline.

Entrepreneurial Customer Approach

The entrepreneurial customer approach, unlike traditional venture capital models, adopts a strategy that explains how early-stage startups accelerate direct collaboration with their customers.

All Over The Kitchen

There is Silverline technology in every corner of the kitchen. From the hob to the oven, from the hood to the refrigerator, extraordinary, life-enhancing and new technologies



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Our Awards

Success brings reward. As one of the world’s leading built-in brands, we have more than 160+ international awards, including the world’s most prestigious awards such as Red-dot, Plus X Award, IF Design, German Design Award in the best quality, best product and best design categories.

April Project

We are developing robotic hands that we can use in our production processes. We aim to increase both productivity and work safety with this robotic hand project, which is equipped with artificial intelligence and can hold soft and sensitive

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